Thursday, September 4, 2008

LHC and U

Soon it will be September 10, and the Large Hadraon Collider will be cranked up:

They are looking for Higgs Bosons, a big particle that adds "probability" to other particles. We call probablity Gravity. If you will think back to the time of the Big Bang, you'll remember Gravity sank out first of the four forces. So quickly that it doesn't have good symmetry wioth the other forces. Gravity is like that guy at the party that leaves first. I am that guy pretty dang often. I process stuff by going home and writing it down. I make my reality sink into strata. I am a Higgs Boson. Many people have called me this, just leaving off the last "N"

I wanted my own way to predict the LHC's results without spedning 18 billion dollars. So I got the latest in predction equipemt, the Answer Me Jesus

and I asked if the LHC would find the Higgs Boson, Jesus said "Let Me ask My Dad."

Now if you are not familar with the Higgs Boson, here is an easy way to think of it:

OK you're thinking, "How will the Higgs Boson make my life easier?"

Well for one thing it makes sure that no matter where you go there you are. That's right, no non-probablistic drifting away as you see in this balloon cartoon:

Billy could have used some Higgs Bosons to keep the balloon from acting up.

Some people are worried about the collider:

Aparently Nostradmus warned against it. He said, "Watch out for that damn Black Hole!" Heck, I didn't even know that he knew about particle physics

The good news is, that the Black Hole will absorb most of the American credit card debt. That makes me happy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Writing, Typewriting, Orgasms, Sci Fi

Dear Friends,

As you know, every now and again I spek about the art and craft of writing. I have little useful to say, but that has never stopped a writer since Homer and it is not stopping me ;) At the recent Aemadillocon I was part of the wrting workshop and some good soul recorded a little of this. I pass this on to you for your amusement. I am the one in the black Hawaiian shirt. That pretty much sums me up -- a black Hawaiian shirt:

I did my first writing on a Royal eltie, then an some forgotten electric and then I moved to the Texas Instruments 99-4a and it was word processors ever since. Fewer and fewer people use, maybe even have seen manual typewriters these days. My friend Chris Merwin pointec out their use in art recently:

By the way if you are looking to buy a manual typewriter with ribbons, try the Vermont Country Store. (I know most people looking for manaul typewriters check out my blog):

Now where do writers get their ideas. I was going to tell you, but I found a video clip that does this better than little me:

And finally what do non-writers need to know in this world? I think Uncle Harlan says it best:

I will stick this at my blog at

But feel free to pass this on to writerly friends anywhere,