Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Neal Barrett

When I was 16 I bought an old Amazing (December 1963) at a used bookstore in Amarillo, Texas. It had a picture of some aliens approaching what appeared to be a giant okra. This cover was for Neal Barrett's "To Plant A Seed." I notice that Neal has the cover story of the current Asimov's. In fact this is Neal's 50th year of writing. Now Neal produced The Hereafter Gang, which John Clute called the "Great American Novel." Neal was born in 1929.

Barrett has also written under other names including: Victor Appleton, Chad Calhoun, Clay Dawson, Franklin W. Dixon, Rebecca Drury, Wesley Ellis, and J.D. Hardin.You can drop Neal a note, or buy a copy of a few of his books here:


Neal has poured out Westerns, SF, and Mysteries. I haven't been disapointed in anything I've read by him in 32 years. That's a pretty broad recomendation. One of great lights in Austin

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Hey, Don. You need a comment here.

Remember me? Another writer along the trail. Just found a postcard from you, dated Oct. 6, 1992, stuck in a book. The name of the book, "A World of Luck."